Founding Team

There were four who were brought together in life and work by the Mother to make Auromir happen: Anirudh, Geetanjali, Pariksith and Partho.

Anirudh is a pragmatic unassuming student of life and learns from everyone and everywhere. His whole purpose in life and work is to serve as a worthy instrument of the Divine’s Work, to give himself to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and “ask no questions”. Sri Aurobindo is his “Big Boss”.

Geetanjali loves to work with people, processes and materials. Her all-consuming interest is the practical and material manifestation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Vision. Her driving concern is how to bring  “perfection in details”.

She has been working intensively in the field of integral and transformational learning since 2004. Since 2008, she has been deeply involved in working with teachers, children and parents, developing integral curricula and pedagogies for different contexts. At present, she is involved in researching practical applications of Integral Yogic psychology in educational and corporate systems. She has mentored schools based on integral pedagogy and practice in Hyderabad (founder member), Mumbai and Chandigarh. Geetanjali is also working intensively towards developing effective integral pedagogies for underprivileged children. 

Pariksith is a practicing doctor in Florida, United States. He is a prolific poet, writer and literary critic, and an entrepreneur whose purpose in business is to earn money for Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Work. He lives a simple, quiet life with his family, works through the day as a physician and a CEO, and writes and reads whenever he gets time to himself. When asked how he manages it all, he simply states matter-of-factly, “It’s the Mother, Sir”.

Partho is a poet, writer and teacher (an “acharya” as he often refers to himself). He teaches Vedanta, Integral Yoga and poetry to all who are open and keen to learn. He writes on Vedanta, Integral Yoga, and integral education, though mostly for his “own ananda”. He has authored a book on integral education and is now working on his next book on human evoltuion. 

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